Kingston Yacht Club Officers and Committees

Commodore Ben Scollins
Vice Commodore Dale Loring
Treasurer Kevin Hoxie
Secretary Maryann Loring
Fleet Captaini Mark Guidobon
Members at Large
John Guilderson  
Nate Murray  
We have several active committees:

The Social Committee brings the club together by organizing fun and engaging activities throughout the year.

Kristine Hoxie, Captain

Maryann Loring

Kim Murray


Our Facilities Committee is working on both short and long term plans to provide facilities that support club business, social events and educational programs.

John Haas, Chair

Dana Nemes


The Sailing & Educational Program Committee organizes youth sailing programs, regattas, and educational courses for members and non-members.

Mark Guidoboni, Fleet Captain


The Scholarship Sub-Committee awards scholarships to local graduates and plans fundraising events.

Cheryl Guidoboni, Chair

  Members are always welcome to any meetings of the officers and committees.

Please use our contact form  or email the Commodore Ben Scollins <> to get  involved with our committees.


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